What Is Social Circle Game?

Most guys in the seduction community pay no attention to their social circle game. This is very ironic, because it is by far, the easiest way to date more women. If you’ve positioned yourself correctly in your social circle, meeting and dating a woman you meet within your social circle requires almost zero effort.Social circle game is about making friends with people within the “inner circle”. Its about building connections, and having a large network. If you are the person who is most talked about in your community, and your reputation is that of an ultimate cool guy. You will have access to the hottest women without any effort. They will come looking for you.You won’t need any DHV stories. You won’t need to use any fancy techniques. She will be much less resistant to spending time with a guy that all of her friends like trust and admire, than some random guy.There are several reason that the seduction industry does not focus on college game.Most of the pioneering PUAs developed their skills in anonymous bars and clubs, not amongst their friends. That’s almost certainly because back then, they were still extremely anti social, and they did not have a good social circle.College game is a part of pick up that cannot be ignored. I’ve met PUAs who’ve focused on cold approach for years, and they’ve gotten really good at it, but within a regular social situation they are very awkward. They’re always trying to come up with their next DHV story. They’re always looking for their next outcome, and they’re unable to simply relax and vibe with the group.This is what I call extreme social incompetence. On the one hand, learning the methods taught in the seduction community are very helpful, but there are many side effects that PUAs develop which are simply bizarre. When a PUA gets used to using scripted lines for very long periods of time, the lose their ability to socialize with another person.That’s because tactical pick up is a logical, step-by-step process. Socializing is not logical, it is not step-by-step, and there is no outcome to strive for in social circle game.Most PUAs join the community with the sincere desire to become better people, the hard truth is, there is a very strong correlation between being a PUA and being weird. Pick up skills do not equal social skills. Often as PUAs improve their pick up skill set, they lose their ability to be social.College game differs from traditional pick up very significantly. The biggest difference is that while cold approach pick up is designed to get immediate short term results, building a large high status circle of friends a longer term strategy. Once you’ve set it up, you can have a constant stream of high quality women flocking to you, without putting much effort in.